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Wesrec Recruitment Agencies - Executive Recruitment Canada

Wesrec is an independently owned and operated, boutique Canadian executive search & recruitment agency with a national presence serving local and international companies through Ontario and Western Canada - British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

We exist to maximize the impact people make on this world.

Our executive recruiters find, attract, assess, and hire the most ideal candidates in a competitive recruitment landscape using a comprehensive search model and formal c-suite talent selection framework. We hire leadership talent for executive roles across a range of functions, such as accounting, legal, finance & human resources across profit sector, nonprofit sector, and public sector organizations.

What makes Wesrec unique?​​​​

We Provide a Transparent Service

Honesty is the best policy, and hard truth tastes better than sweet deception. We deal in facts and tell our clients what they need to hear, not what we think they want to.

Our Curiosity Drives Us

Good recruiters are search experts and spend a good deal of time storytelling. Great recruiters ask a lot of questions and spend a great deal of time listening. With more listening comes deeper understanding, meaning we can take a more collaborative approach when we represent our clients' brand in the market.  When you explore the depths, you gain deep knowledge; we are explorers at heart and don't shy away from exploring a mountain-sized list of candidates on a very personal basis, in order to identify the hidden gems hiding in the dark.

Finding qualified individuals with the right professional experience is important, but how do we make sure that we're getting the right people for your business? Our entire recruitment process is designed to develop a deep understanding of what truly drives a person, and if they will feel fulfilled going in the same direction as their employer is. This is why we take a personalized approach to each placement we make and ask ourselves questions like "what are their values and ethical standards?", "what is their definition of a fantastic company?" and "what are they hoping to achieve in life?" to ensure that we are on the right track.

We Recruit with Vision, Purpose & Values

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Functions & Industries We Serve

Our comprehensive recruitment process ensures we find the right fit for clients, resulting in high-performing teams across a range of business functions including Technology, Supply Chain, Legal, Accounting, Finance & Human Resources, Risk & Compliance, Marketing and Sales. We also provide other specialized search and board placement services, so whether it be for a NFP board or financial services boards we can likely help.

Executive Search

We provide recruitment management consulting services to local and international companies, Profit Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, and Public Organizations We have quite a bit of experience across a wide variety of industries including real estate and property management, financial services, charitable organizations, construction, natural resources, engineering, technology/software, manufacturing, marketing and sales, accounting & finance firms, human resources consulting, management consulting, energy sector etc.


Wesrec's personalized approach and creative recruitment strategies is a breath of fresh air. They know the local geographic market well and give you that boutique and personal feel that the largest recruitment firms are missing.

Business Meeting
Employers - Executive Recruitment Canada

Wesrec is a top Executive Search Firm in Canada, we help local and international companies to achieve organizational goals through attracting and hiring exceptional talent.

We get it. When you work with an Executive Search Consultant you want to make sure that they have high ethical standards, deep industry knowledge, direct contact to an extensive network of qualified job seekers, understand the purpose and requirement of key positions in your business, and have a track record of success in senior level recruitment projects.

At Wesrec, recruitment is our vocation, and for many of us it is also our life's work. Our customer-facing talent solutions teams are passionate about what they do, we don't "just want to do a good job", we want to set new standards throughout the entire recruitment process.

Professional Consultants

Proven Hiring Process for Executive Placements

Hiring the best talent demands time and energy, an extensive talent pool, and an effective talent acquisition strategy.

Our tried and tested hiring process has helped many client organizations build their dream teams, and our recruitment teams continuously help extensive networks of qualified job seekers land their dream jobs.

Our comprehensive recruitment evaluation ensures we have a base understanding of an opportunity, making for the smoothest recruitment experience when hiring for key positions of executive leadership in a competitive recruitment landscape. During the evaluation meeting, our executive search team deep dive to understand our clients' businesses, from why they do what they do, to their culture and values, their short and long-term plans, team structure and hiring dynamic, as well as their operations processes.

After building a solid foundation, we conduct market research to develop key insights into the industry, geography, competitors, field of work, size of candidate pool, competition to hire, and compensation. We also assess and compile a preliminary shortlist to benchmark optimum talent expectations for clarity and validation purposes.

We then meet with the employer again to calibrate and finetune the process, this is where we discuss our findings from the market research and conduct the benchmarking exercise. In order to build a formal c-suite talent selection framework, we then tailor-make the most effective recruitment strategy using the information we have gathered and customize the format in which we present candidate applications to the employer as well as writing the job description and briefing that we present to candidates.

After developing a deep understanding of the needs and a unique search strategy, we go to market, and the executive search process begins. We understand what a successful candidate would look like, and to find and attract them, we use artificial intelligence sourcing technology paired with manual human talent sourcing, then develop outreach campaigns to make direct contact with vast networks of executive talent; we use advertising, marketing, word-of-mouth referrals and take a direct approach through head hunting to source a wide range of quality candidates with the right skill sets.

After a predetermined period, we manage and coordinate the interview process with the employer's hiring team to determine who will be the successful candidate. For validation purposes we conduct applicable testing, background checks and reference checks.

So, you've hired an executive leader, what's next? Our Executive Search management service to clients doesn't end there, as we provide a 12-month placement guarantee and stay in touch with the hiring manager and the new hire throughout the guarantee to make sure everything is going to plan.

We don't throw resumes around in the hopes of seeing what sticks. Our extensive screening process allows us to develop a holistic understanding of the candidates that we work with, including real work experience and skill gaps, general strengths and weaknesses, personal values, career goals and aspirations, logistical preferences, and restrictions. Which ensures that we match the right type of candidate with the right career opportunities.

Whether we are looking for mid-level roles with specialized skills, or senior-level roles and qualified leaders for your executive team, our process remains consistent, and we get you the results you want.

Qualified Candidates

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Candidates - Flexible Talent Solutions

Wesrec is an executive search firm helping executive level talent create and act on effective job search strategies. Our focus is permanent placement solutions for executive leadership teams and other specialized, non-executive and executive positions. We help suitable candidates land executive roles with reputable firms in the profit sector, public sector, and nonprofit sector.

Executive candidates - feel free to reach out to our team to introduce yourself, we'd love to get to know you and understand your current role, plans and aspirations, and we're happy to share any market insights, advise one resumes and job search strategies, and introduce you to helpful professional contacts.

City View

18 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

City View

3751 Jacombs Road, Suite 235, Richmond, BC, V6V 2R2

Give us a call or send us an email. We'd love to get the conversation started!
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Commonly Asked Questions

Why should we engage an Executive Recruitment Firm instead of relying on a job board advertisement?

Good question. We believe that you should first ask yourself: "Do we want to hire the best active job seeker that applies to our job posting or do we want to hire the best candidate PERIOD?" Relying on a job board posting will limit potential candidates to those who are active in applying on job boards. Relying on Executive Search Professionals will widen the talent pool to include a broad spectrum of qualified candidates (including those actively searching for a job), by using national resources, professional networks & referrals, AI sourcing technology, targeted marketing strategies and a direct approach through head hunting.

We haven't had a great experience with recruiters in the past, how can we know Wesrec will be different?

We can't say for sure that our current service is different to what you experienced with other recruiters, but we can promise that we are curious and embrace positive change. There is always room for improvement, and we love to learn to come up with better ways of doing things. To say that our service to clients is important to us would be an understatement, if we see a way to improve our executive search services we become like a dog with a bone. If you've had a bad professional experience with recruiters at another firm, we would love to listen to your story and learn what you do or don't like when working with a recruitment partner, we want to work together with you to create the smoothest recruitment experience for you.

What makes a placement successful in Wesrec's eyes?

We are committed to making every placement successful, and for us this means getting the right person in the right seat. The right person for any executive leadership team is someone champions corporate culture, and truly aligns with business goals and purpose of an organization. The right seat means making sure that the right executive level talent goes into the right executive position. The executive placement will understand the ins and outs of their position, they will be happy doing the work and be driven by the impact they make to the business, and they are a suitable candidate with relevant real work experience to have the capacity to perform well in the role.

Is there a perfect time to take a new job or hire?

Some talented individuals out there have passed on key positions with fantastic companies because it wasn't the "perfect time" - perhaps the geographic market conditions were not great, perhaps they wanted to wait for other opportunities to compare "apples to apples", or some other factor - point is, they relied on external factors and lives to regret it later. Similarly, some organizations pass on the optimum talent for their business needs because of potential market conditions or other reasons, only to ask them if they are still interested a few months later. Naturally, this can point to a big red flag for the candidate leading to a "thanks, but no thanks" response. It's also worth talking about the inverse of these scenarios, like our client organizations hiring dynamic executive talent for critical roles despite potential market challenges, based on long-sighted business strategy. Where taking a proactive approach to hiring led to competitive advantage and a boost in company culture. Whatever the case may be, Wesrec believes that the process of finding the "perfect time" should rely on a deep understanding of internal factors supported by external factors, and not the other way around.

Does Wesrec provide recruitment project management services for roles outside of C-suite and VP/Director level positions?

Wesrec has quite a bit of experience outside of executive search services, in fact, our professional recruitment teams are well-known for our work in the accounting & finance functions where we offer both retained recruitment and contingent recruitment services. Our executive placement function provides specialized search services, our comprehensive search process works just as well for specialized senior-level roles as it does for c-level executives or executive positions. Wesrec's executive search team partners are happy to provide flexible talent solutions to accommodate searches for any roles with a minimum salary of $100,000. These specialized searches can cover general or niche positions, it could be for executive leadership positions, professional roles, or even administrative roles. We work on financial services board positions for financial services organizations, NFP board positions for nonprofit organizations, engineering, healthcare, legal, information technology, real estate and construction etc.

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