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Mississauga Recruitment Agencies & Executive Recruiters | Hire Payroll, Accounting and Finance Professionals

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Wesrec Employment Agencies - Mississauga Recruitment

Wesrec is a Canadian Staffing Services Firm with a national presence in Canada. We service Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, and the Greater Toronto Area from our Ontario head office in Toronto.


We seek to maximize the impact people make in the world,  and are guided by wanting to do do right by other people.

The Wesrec team shares in the same set of values which often comes through in our communication and work:

  1. Curiosity

  2. Focus

  3. Transparency

Working from Home
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Functions of Expertise

Our friendly staff help hiring managers with customized Accounting, Finance, Payroll Recruitment services and Executive Search services across all staffing industry sectors to build dream teams that will help employers achieve business objectives. Our focus is permanent recruiting, but we also provide contract placement solutions.

Finance & Accounting, Tax, Audit, FP&A, Accounting Professional Services etc. Our focus has always been accounting roles and finance jobs at all levels whether they are on a permanent basis or for temporary staff, across all kinds of industries.

Common positions include payroll and benefits coordinator, payroll processing services administrative staff, payroll managers etc. We understand the importance in finding trusted full cycle payroll services and benefits administration staff and takes pride in our ability to do so.

Executive Leadership and Specialized Search services. We help businesses actualize vision by bringing their Dream Team to life, and this often starts with strategic hires for permanent staff in C-Level and VP-Level roles.

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Employer Benefits

Wesrec is one of the top Toronto recruitment agencies supporting Brampton based employers meet their company goals by locating qualified candidates.

Our professional staffing consultants are here to help you with quality talent solutions to find and hire the right candidates for your business. Our friendly recruitment advisors are well in touch with the job market and use a proven vetting process and employment practices make for a smooth and painless experience when hiring.

Professional Consultants

Proven Recruitment Process

Finding the right employees requires patience and an effective hiring strategy. We don't take our job as a staffing agency lightly as a when it comes to understanding your unique staffing requirements and selection process, and we make sure our process is tailored to meet them.

Our evaluation process starts by meeting with you to understand your business needs. Then we put together search materials, market research and benchmarking candidates before meeting again to formalize the recruitment strategy for each specific search.

Our candidate selection services include an in-depth search and screening process, once we've identified enough qualified prospects, we put them through your interview and selection process and provide support throughout the entire recruitment process in coordination, due diligence and negotiations.

Finally, we stay in touch throughout our Comprehensive Guarantee period as part of our placement Aftercare process to ensure the new hire is hitting key success metrics and is fitting in well with the team and business.

Candidate and client relationships are important to us, which is exactly why we put in the time and care it takes to understand the perspectives of those we work with and get on the same page.

Our recruiting solutions ensure that we are matching compatible candidates with company goals, vision, and values on top of having the ability to perform the job well. To help companies to find dedicated employees we make sure that career growth expectations are in line with business objectives and career development programs.

Our staffing consultants understand that everyone is different, and that each business and career seeker may have differing expectations. We have found that our level of understanding has been a key driver of our success and generally makes for the smoothest recruitment experience.

Qualified Candidates

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Candidate Benefits

What candidates think about our service is mission critical, and our entire recruitment process is designed around us wanting candidates and employers to have the best experience with recruiters! 

We help talented people through their career search to get them the jobs they want, by connecting applicants with clients who share in their values.

Job titles often differ from job descriptions, and we understand that you want to do work that you love. We are patient in taking the time needed to fully understand the employment history, as well as what career development opportunities appeal to you so that we are best equipped to help them in their job search.

Understanding Your Career Path

Career Opportunities

We work with candidates to find job opportunities with a fantastic company that is truly the best fit for them. We focus on quality rather than quantity and emphasize understanding your key drivers and motivations to help you find your dream job.

Having excellent customer service is important to us. We want to be there for you throughout your career journey, and we believe the best way to support you is by building a long-lasting relationship on a foundation of trust. This means communicating honestly, transparently, and openly. After meeting with you to discuss your search requirements, our goal is for us to stay in touch with one another on a monthly basis as you continue your job search.

Transparent Communication

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We Exist To Maximize The Impact People Make On This World.

City View

Wesrec Employment Agencies - Head Office Branch Contact Info
North America > Canada > Ontario > Toronto > Mississauga

Office Location: 18 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

Contact us now for a confidential discussion to discuss your job search or to explore our staffing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do recruiters find candidates?

Our candidate sourcing methodology at Wesrec is to reach far and wide, our business is helping people, so naturally we want to speak to a lot of people as every conversation brings helps us achieve our business goals. Specifically, we utilize a mix of artificial intelligence sourcing technology as well as manual recruiting. When we take on a new search, we start by tapping into our existing network of candidates based on who we already know could be a good fit, we then move on to use AI matching technology, as well as traditional headhunting by asking for word-of-mouth referrals, advertising & marketing, professional networks & social media We find that the most important thing is to get on the phone and actually have real conversations with people.

Do recruiters take a part of your salary?

No. We make money by charging employers a service fee for helping them find and hire the right candidate.

Why should I choose to work with Wesrec?

If you're searching for a new job, you want to work with a team of professionals who will make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. That's exactly what you'll find when you work with Wesrec. We have years of experience in the recruitment industry, and we know how to match candidates with the right jobs. We also care about our candidates and building long-term relationships. When you work with Wesrec, you're not just a number in a database. You're a person making a big life decision, and we're here to help. If you're looking for the best possible experience with recruiters, look no further than Wesrec. Contact us today to get started on your job search.

Should I choose to work with Recruiting Agencies or an Executive Search Firm?

Well, Wesrec happens to be both! We have a proven business model that allows us to work with successful companies across Canada. We specialize in both executive search, and accounting and finance recruitment for permanent and contract positions. We have a successful track record of filling CEO, CFO, Vice President, and other senior-level executive positions with highly qualified candidates. In addition, we also hire for payroll, accounting and finance jobs on a regular basis. We are an innovative recruiting firm and pride ourselves in being customer service specialists on top of excellent recruiters. As a service-based organization, perfecting the "Wesrec experience" is our number one goal and we are always looking for new ways to improve our services.

What are the benefits to using a staffing firm vs an inhouse recruiting process?

Many job seekers turn to recruitment agencies to help them find their dream job. Similarly, many businesses turn to recruiters to help them build out their dream team. There are numerous benefits to using a recruitment agency rather than hiring on your own. First, recruitment agencies have a wide network of job seekers, which means that you can meet with a range of qualified candidates. Second, the recruitment process can be streamlined, and the experience can be much smoother for both the business and the job seeker. Finally, by using a recruitment agency, business managers can free up their time for other critical tasks. In short, there are many advantages to using a recruitment agency when hiring new employees.

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