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recruitment agencies in Canada hiring qualified candidates for top employers

We seek to maximize the impact people make in the world,  and are guided by one key principle:

Do Right by People.

Shared Values
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Curiosity is an impulse and a driving force toward greater knowledge.

We love problem solving, hypothetical conversation, understanding how things work.

Mountain Peak

We carve a path and stride forward with uncompromising vision. 

We find that the greatest feats are accomplished through clear focus, and sheer force of will.

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Meaningful relationships are built on a foundation of trust.

Yes, sometimes the truth does hurt, but would you really want it any other way?

executive search firms in Vancouver and Toronto specialize in attracting and hiring the right person in the right seat

Build your Dream Team in confidence with our Comprehensive Guarantee.

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Recruitment Methodology

We believe in recruiting staff that are truly aligned to company culture, vision, purpose and values. When we do, we see increased performance, increased job satisfaction, and increased retention rates! 


Everyone wants to be happy in their job, and the fit with culture and vision often play a more important role in workplace satisfaction than the job responsibilities, which is why we match candidates to employers with a focus on cultural alignment as well as ability to perform the job.

Wesrec is an independently owned Canadian Finance and Accounting Recruitment Agency and Executive Recruitment Firm, our recruitment methodology focuses on matching job seekers with employers based on alignment of shared values and vision, on top of knowing the candidate can do the job well.

We specialize in recruiting within four key areas:
- Accounting
- Payroll
- Finance
- Executive and Specialized Search

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Wesrec Careers

We want to help people act on their incredible ideas and bring about happiness, but we couldn't do it alone. Our high-performing team is the driving force that is changing the world with each placement we make.

Wesrec is a leading full-service talent solutions company, we lead the way for recruitment agencies in Toronto and Vancouver recruitment agencies. At Wesrec, you get to work with some of the best in the industry, to learn and develop professionally through our comprehensive training and mentorship programs.

Internal growth is encouraged as we continue to grow as a company and keep building a world-class team one human being at a time.

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