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Toronto Recruitment Agencies & Executive Recruiters | Hire Payroll, Accounting and Finance Professionals

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Wesrec - Toronto Employment Agencies

Wesrec is an independently owned and operated Canadian full-service employment agency and national staffing provider, our Ontario headquarters are in the heart of downtown Toronto. We proudly support the local community of Canada's largest city through our work to help employers hire qualified candidates with fantastic experience that fits their business and help job seekers navigate the Canadian market to find a job that is truly the right fit for them.


We seek to maximize the impact people make in the world,  and are guided by wanting to do do right by other people.

The Wesrec team shares in the same set of values which often comes through in our communication and work:

  1. Curiosity

  2. Focus

  3. Transparency

Working from Home
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Functions of Expertise

Wesrec is a professional recruitment agency and human resource solutions firm specializing in permanent career opportunities and contract assignments. We work with incredible companies in a variety of industries, providing functional recruitment expertise in the following areas:

As an accounting and finance recruitment firm, our team of professionals provides innovative recruitment services to find quality talent for accounting and finance jobs from entry to senior level, whether they are contract positions or on a permanent basis. Common areas we work on include accounting, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, tax, treasury, audit, bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cost accounting, project accounting, fund accounting, corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking etc.

Payroll Recruitment

Every company knows that if you don't pay your staff right, you won't keep them for very long. As a payroll recruitment agency, Wesrec understands the importance in finding trusted full cycle payroll services and benefits administration staff and takes pride in our ability to do so. Whether you need to fill permanent positions or critical short-term positions, we can help.

As an executive recruitment firm, Wesrec's specialized delivery teams are created with one purpose, to build Dream Teams. We help businesses actualize vision by bringing their Dream Team to life, and this often starts with executive management searches to make strategic hires for C-Level and VP-Level and other senior level roles. This covers successful placements in areas from operations, finance, legal, accounting to tech for a variety of industries. 

Business Meeting

Wesrec is one of the top staffing solution providers supporting Toronto community employment services, by helping employers meet their company goals through proven search and candidate assessment methodology to identify and hire successful candidates.

When you work with a recruitment consultant you want to make sure that they are up to date with current recruitment trends, that they understand your business model, corporate culture and the type of candidate that fits, as well as the technical requirements of the job description.

Our recruitment consultants are talented professionals that are innately curious to learn about the market, and the people and businesses we work with, we value providing our clients with the smoothest recruitment experience possible. Wesrec's team of recruitment consultants takes the time and care to build genuine connections to employers and understand their business needs in order to stay up to date with the Canadian recruitment industry.

Professional Consultants

Proven Recruitment Process

Recruitment brings challenges in many forms, and hiring skilled candidates requires effective talent acquisition strategies. Our specialized delivery teams acknowledge that every business has unique requirements, we listen carefully in order to understand each employer's business and needs so that we understand the scope of the search and can make the best matches between candidates and the employer.

We then prepare search materials, market research, and conduct a candidate benchmarking exercise to formulate the most effective search strategy.

The next step is an in-depth search and selection process to identify the most skilled individuals that are the best culture and team fit for the employer, after we source and assess several candidates, we support you through your selection process by managing coordination of interviews, timely feedback, job market updates, due diligence, and negotiations to support hiring.

We are a professional recruitment firm, we put our money where our mouth is, and our recruitment services don't end when you make a hiring decision. We give you peace of mind with a Comprehensive Placement Guarantee and continue regular communication over the course of the guarantee as part of our aftercare process to ensure positive feedback both from the employer and employee.

To create an excellent experience for employers, our consultants personally interview potential candidates to assess them on job-specific technical skills before presenting them to you. Our placement of candidates is focused on alignment to company vision, goals and values on top of having the ability to perform well in the role.

We find it is important to take the time and care to get to know the individuals we work with to understand what drives them and what makes them tick. We understand that you want to work with a recruitment specialist that understands current recruitment trends and how to find a successful candidate based on your specific requirements.

Qualified Candidates

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Job Seekers

A journey to employment can be a long and arduous process, finding the perfect match is even longer, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. We know the Canadian recruitment industry and the labor market, and we have designed our entire recruitment process around us wanting to provide the best candidate experience throughout your job search

Finding the best fit is about so much more than just having a good resume or interviewing well. We are a professional recruitment firm that connects candidates and employers based on shared values, goals, and alignment to company culture, on top of ability to perform the job.

We offer innovative recruitment services, and we want to help you find strong matches to your career preferences so that you can be truly happy at work. We are patient in taking the time needed to get to know you, your values, experiences, skills, aspirations, preferences, and restrictions. Everyone's journey is unique, and as naturally curious recruitment organization, we love hearing about the road that took you to where you are now.

Understanding Your Career Path

Career Opportunities

Jobseeker planning involves taking the time to figure out what a perfect match looks like, and then planning out the steps required to get there. Our goal is to help you find the job that you want, a place where you can thrive, somewhere that truly aligns your inner drivers and motivations with business goals. That's why we work closely with candidates to get to know them on a personal level. We want to understand what how you think and feel and what you're looking for in a job. Only then can we start the process of finding you opportunities with a reputable employer, after all, we are looking for your dream job.

We're a full-service employment agency, and part of that service is to communicate openly and transparently. We believe that long lasting and meaningful relationships are built on a foundation of trust. After discussing your search criteria, we aim to stay in touch with one another on a monthly basis and continue supporting you as you progress through your job search with Toronto community employment services, job opportunities with reputable employers, job seeker advice, market insights and timely feedback.

Transparent Communication

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We Exist To Maximize The Impact People Make On This World.

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Wesrec Employment Agencies - Branch Contact Info
North America > Canada > Ontario > Toronto

18 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

Areas We Serve In Greater Toronto Area:
Toronto | Markham | Brampton | Mississauga | York | North York | East York
Richmond Hill | Scarborough | Oakville | Burlington | Hamilton | Pickering-Ajax | Oshawa
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Wesrec different than any other staffing agency?

Wesrec is a recruitment organization that is led by purpose, we know that our work helps make a difference to the world, and we are passionate about the placement of candidates in jobs where they can do their best work. We are a professional recruitment firm, and our entire team are talented professionals who truly care about candidate relationships and providing an awesome experience in using our recruitment services. When you work with Wesrec, you're not a number in a candidate database, you are a person making a big life-changing decision and it is truly our privilege to give career advice and assist you with your job search.

Is Wesrec an Accounting Recruitment Agency or an Executive Search Firm?

Both. We are an executive recruitment firm and a national staffing provider that carries out executive search engagements, management searches, as well as making matches between candidates and employers for payroll, accounting and finance jobs on a permanent basis and interim basis. We are an experienced recruitment firm, and our recruiting process is versatile enough to allow us to work with business, accounting and finance professionals with an array of experience.

What is the ideal candidate profile for recruitment consultants?

It varies. Our recruitment consultants understand that the ideal candidate profile differs depending on employer expectations and requirements, and our recruiting process and candidate assessment methodology aims to identify hand-selected, skilled candidates no matter what. For every job, there is an ideal candidate, and for every candidate, there is an ideal job. For example. the type of candidate who is drawn to government agencies may not necessarily be as interested in manufacturing or the Canadian finance industry.

What does it take to build an amazing team of high caliber talent?

High-quality recruitment brings high-quality candidates. To build a team of hand-selected, skilled candidates, employers must stand out through the recruitment process and job seekers must have a fantastic experience throughout their interactions. High performers want to work with other high performers, so the culture and dynamics of the team are critical. It is also no surprise that many candidates seek freedom, mobility, flexibility, and competitive compensation. Working with an experienced recruitment firm to assist with talent attraction and acquisition strategies is a no-brainer if you want to hire the best candidates.

What are the benefits to using a staffing firm vs an in-house recruitment process?

You save time, resources and speak to qualified people. Our professional team of experts will tailor the recruitment process based on your specific needs and present you with the most qualified and suitable candidates for the job and your company, which can lead to an increased number of successful placements for your business and higher retention rates. We recruit with vision and values, meaning that we are looking for the perfect match to fit for your business culture, above and beyond if the candidate can do the job or not. Our expertise in recruiting also ensures we can advise on search strategy and interview preparation and coordinate the entire process for you. We also handle offer negotiations to increase the candidate acceptance rate by making sure everyone agrees on items such as annual salary, benefits, vacation, job title etc.

Do your recruitment agencies handle confidential searches?

Yes. Recruitment agencies are still able to identify strong matches while keeping the employer details anonymous. We have processes and controls in place to maintain discretion when conducting confidential searches and can also tailor each search to achieve differing levels of transparency depending on each company's specific requirements and restrictions.

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