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Finance and Accounting Recruitment Agencies | Hire Accounting, Finance, Payroll and Executive Recruiters

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Finance & Accounting Talent Solutions

Wesrec is an independently owned Canadian business, we are a full-service finance and accounting recruitment firm with a national presence throughout Canada.


We seek to maximize the impact people make in the world,  and are guided by wanting to do do right by other people.

The Wesrec team shares in the same set of values which often comes through in our communication and work:

  1. Curiosity

  2. Focus

  3. Transparency

Working from Home
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Functional Expertise - Permanent Placement and Contract Recruitment

We are a predominantly permanent placement recruiting specialists with a range of specializations, hiring for positions in Accounting, Finance, Payroll and Executive Leadership. Find a competitive edge by working with Wesrec's accounting staffing specialists to achieve business goals and reduce hiring costs by increasing employment retention, and to hire the best fit from all the potential candidates for full-time employment.

Payroll, Finance & Accounting Disciplines

Whether you are an accounting graduate or experienced professional, we want to help you with your career goals - Wesrec hires permanent talent for all sorts of accounting roles! Our talent specialists have a real sense for the accounting recruitment markets around Canada and are experienced in accurately matching hand-selected, skilled candidates from our accounting and finance talent network to select opportunities for a wide range of employers in various industries. Our expert recruiters are used to a fast-paced environment and go the extra mile to complete accounting specialist candidate searches.

We hire for most roles in the accounting and finance functions, below is a list of jobs and functions to provide some examples. Don't see the role or function you are looking for? Don't worry, our consultant network most likely hires for that too:

We have diversified experience with controllers, accountants, analysts, and a plethora of roles in accounting and finance, we place early-career professionals to executives and senior-level professionals such as CFOs, senior level VPs and Directors of Finance to deal with strategic finance and business decisions. Skilled professionals like CPAs, CFAs, CBVs, CFPs. Corporate Accountants, project accountants, cost accountants, development accountants, property accountants, tax accountants, fund accountants, investment accountants, bookkeepers, junior and intermediate level accounting roles, managers of finance & accounting/accounting supervisors, assistant controllers, mergers & acquisitions analyst, investment banking associate, company secretaries, associate director of finance, corporate finance professionals, accounting team leaders, finance team leads, accounting clerks, accounting sector analysts, manufacturing controllers, manufacturing assistant controllers, finance clerks to analysts, accounting policy and compliance managers, financial business analysis, investor center analysts, finance managers, financial professional advisors, accounts payable clerks, accounting administrative assistants, accounting managers, intermediate level accounting technician roles, financial services roles and so on.

Executive Recruitment Experts and Professional Search Services. We help businesses hold true to vision and goals by connecting them with the hand-selected, skilled candidates with the right management skills necessary to build their Dream Team. We have a track record of success in hiring for custom-built teams of executives with the capacity to handle complex business challenges, critical initiatives, and dynamic workloads. We make strategic business hires for C-Suite Executive and VP/Director level roles and are industry agnostic and work with successful companies in any and all industries ranging from anything like financial services and accounting industry to manufacturing, real estate, construction, technology, and Non-profit and public sector.

Business Meeting

Wesrec is a top finance & accounting recruiting agency in Ontario and BC, our skilled professionals provide consulting options to help employers through the recruiting process to attract and hire the most successful candidates in the accounting field. It is also important to us that we help accounting professionals achieve their career goals. Our customer service reps are friendly people and accounting experts who want to provide you with the best experience at every step of the recruiting process. We view the accounting market and relationships on a long-term basis, as we seek to provide positive experiences to build meaningful connections with our clients to become true business partners.

Our accounting recruitment consultants have great people skills and know accounting & finance jobs, they understand the current recruiting environment, stay updated with current compensation market trends and accounting salaries, know how to identify skilled talent for successful candidates, and go the extra mile to provide a friendly experience.

Our clients often tell us that they enjoy working with Wesrec as a recruitment firm because the like our recruiting process, skilled team of friendly people, and knowledge of employment trends in accounting & finance industries. We build genuine connections and have the people skills required to match the right people with the right career opportunities leading to more successful candidate placements on your finance teams.

Professional Consultants

Proven Hiring Process

Bringing on board a successful candidate in accounting & finance requires energy and time, oftentimes a deeper talent pool than competitors, and a structured process and strategy for talent acquisition.

We want to connect our clients with a talent network of quality candidates of various backgrounds to give the best representation of the current recruiting environment. To make the process a more positive experience, our consultants conduct market research and develop search materials, setup simple yet effective benchmarking exercises to set a baseline expectation and create a highly effective recruitment strategy before consulting through the entire hiring process.

Our accounting and finance recruiters then carry out our in-depth search and selection process to identify the most suitable candidates and skilled talent on job-specific requirements and alignment with company culture, goals, and values. Our assessment of candidates ensures we are putting through the most suitable and qualified candidates through your interview process. Hiring is a fast-paced environment, and our accounting recruiters are with you at every step of the way with amazing candidates, interview coordination support, timely feedback, job market updates, due diligence, and negotiation support.

Finally, our Comprehensive Guarantee often receives positive feedback, for it provides greater assurance and confidence when hiring for accounting and finance roles. Our team also stays in touch over the course of the guarantee as part of our aftercare process to ensure both the employer and employee are happy with the new working arrangement.

We want to help you build an amazing company culture, and to do that you'll obviously want to hire awesome people whether they are on-site or remote staff. We aim to provide a hassle-free friendly experience for our clients and candidates, in which our consultants personally interview and assess any potential candidates to help them meet their career objectives. We look for technical skills as required and a high compatibility with your company's values, vision and goals to help build dream teams that function fluidly and cohesively.

Wesrec's accounting recruitment team provides entry-level and experienced accounting and finance candidates with employment services such as career advice, resume consultation, and connections to job opportunities for full-time employment in permanent positions and contract accounting positions. 

If you're looking for additional candidates to supplement your pool of candidates, we can help you with on-demand talent financial professionals, be it for a finance and accounting manager or another need.

Qualified Candidates

People with laptop
Job Seekers

Finding your dream job is a long and arduous process that can seem like a full-time job by itself, having a stress-free friendly experience with a knowledgeable recruiter can go a long way in making it easier. We know recruitment, and we continuously try to improve our people skills, in fact our entire recruitment process is designed to provide you with best candidate experience possible! Our candidate consultants connect job seekers with opportunities based on shared values, objectives and alignment to organizational culture.

Your future is important to us, and we want you to find a job that you can truly say you are happy in. Whether you're looking for remote or on-site, short- or long-term assignments, our approach is to invest the time in getting to know you, to understand your core values and inner drivers, before we match you to the right opportunity. We are always curious to learn about the unique life experiences of fellow accounting and finance professionals and understand the journeys that brought them to where they are.

Understanding your Career Growth Path

Employment Services

Finding the right job is about locating an employer and team that shares your values, and a place where you can align your inner goals and purpose with the organization. We are curious to know candidates on a personal level. We want to understand how you feel, what you think, what makes you tick, and what your goals are. Maybe you're specifically looking for remote assignments, virtual workspaces or in-office working environments. Whatever the case may be, once we understand your goals, only then can we start the process of finding you your dream job.

Working with an accounting and finance recruitment agency is helpful because our diversified experience with controllers, CFOs, accountants and financial analysts gives us good understanding of accounting salaries, insights into market trends, and we are able to best prepare candidates for accounting job interviews and put them on the career trajectory they seek.

We operate on a basis of honesty, transparency, and openness with the aim of building meaningful long-term relationships with the people who work with us. After meeting to discuss your background and aspirations, we keep an open line of communication to continue providing you with job search support and timely feedback.

In a world of where remote hiring is becoming commonplace it is more important than ever to be consistent in providing feedback and regular communication. It honestly blows our minds when we hear stories about candidates getting ghosted by employers and recruiters - if we didn't intend to stay in touch with you, then we wouldn't meet you in the first place!

Transparent Communication

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We Exist To Maximize The Impact People Make On This World.

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18 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

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3751 Jacombs Road, Suite 235, Richmond, BC, V6V 2R2

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